How does Aire Pur® Moisture Absorber works?

Aire Pur® products absorb excess moisture from the air and leave the environment with an optimal humidity level. The devices contain calcium chloride absorbent granules which exposed to the air absorb moisture without drying the room. If the humidity level is lower than 45% it automatically stops working, so it does not dry out the atmosphere.

Our product line is perfect for preventing moisture problems such as stains on the walls, mold, mildew and musty odors anywhere at home: closets, bathrooms, basements, garages and even in RVs and boats.

In addition to its moisture absorbing function Aire Pur® also freshens your rooms with delicate fragrances.

It is very simpe to use without electricity or batteries. Once the granulate is activated it compacts and when it is saturated it begins to drip into the lower container. When it is used up, just empty the liquid down the sink and use a new Aire Pur® refill.

AIRE PUR® INVOLCABLE Absorbs moisture in rooms up to 35m3 . Thanks to its patented anti-spill system prevents liquid spillage in case of accidental tipping.

AIRE PUR® MAX Absorbs moisture in medium spaces, prevents stains and musty odors.

AIRE PUR® NEUTRO It is the best choice to absorb moisture and eliminate strong odors thanks to its formulation with activated charcoal.

AIRE PUR® ULTRA Its high capacity and versatile design makes it perfect to absorb moisture in large spaces.

AIRE PUR® MEGA It is the safest way to remove musty smells in cabinets, closets, storage spaces and even RVs and boats.

AIRE PUR® FOOTWEAR Double Action: contains a moisture absorber tablet refill and a membrane technology perfume capsule that freshens your rooms.

AIRE PUR® MINI Very convenient for absorbing excess moisture in small areas like closets, drawers, under the bed, safe boxes, etc.

AIRE PUR® CAR It is perfect for absorbing moisture in vehicles, preventing bad odors and musty smells. Protects cars, boats, RVs, etc.

Where I use it?


Bedrooms are areas in the house that tend to remain closed for long periods with one or more people inside. This situation generates a lot of moisture and musty odors, ideal for the proliferation of mites that can affect your family. This may have a negative effect on their health and ability to rest so it is recommended to ventilate the room for fifteen minutes a day during sunlight.

Daily use of Aire Pur® Max is very effective to absorb moisture, eliminate damp odors and prevent mite development.


The kitchen is the area of the house where a lot of excess moisture is generated. Cooking creates steam that condenses on the walls and windows, over time this can lead to the appearance of mold and mildew on the tile joints and window moldings. Kitchen ceiling suffers excess moisture and can develop cracks and chipping paint. The effects are even more evident in winter because outside temperature is much lower than the temperature inside the house. In the kitchen, temperature changes can be very pronounced and deterioration can be much more evident than elsewhere in the house. Ventilation and extraction of hot air loaded with steam are critical for maintaining optimum moisture levels in the kitchen.

Using Aire Pur® Moisture Absorbers helps keep the humidity under control. Electric appliances will also benefit from these suggestions as excess moisture can lead to premature deterioration, oxidation of metal parts and malfunctioning.


The bathroom is the room where the largest amount of moisture is accumulated. Every time someone takes a shower, steam condenses on the walls, ceiling and towels. Furthermore, these spaces don't have large windows that allow proper ventilation of the room. This causes premature aging of materials, chipping paint, oxidation of metal parts and development of mold and mildew in the joints of the tiles.

Cleaning the bathroom and use of an extractor help eliminate a lot of steam produced by hot water. However, it is very helpful using Aire Pur® to keep moisture at acceptable levels and preserve the condition of materials.


Most weekend or holiday houses and apartments are closed for long periods. It is not uncommon the appearance of musty and damp odors caused by poor ventilation and excessive moisture. Furthermore moisture and mold produce stains on furniture, walls and curtains. All these problems affect health, condition and maintenance of the house, transforming your vacation getaway in an unpleasant stay. The best way to control this problem is distributing a variety of Aire Pur® moisture absorbers throughout the house.


During the winter RVs are closed for long periods of time, the moisture that accumulates inside can cause stains on fabrics and rust on metal parts. Also RVs usually have very small spaces where several people sleep, creating significant body heat that produces condensation, this can lead to an unpleasant feeling of moisture and suffocation. In both cases, the problems caused by moisture can be difficult and expensive to treat and can leave the vehicle in bad condition. While not using the RV is a good idea to use one or more Aire Pur® Moisture Absorbers in order to control moisture level for a prolonged period. Whenever possible, it is advisable to open the trailer and ventilate the interior. While the vehicle is in use Aire Pur® Percha is recommended, as its hook hanging design swings along with vehicle movement preventing liquid from spilling.

The continued use of Aire Pur® is a good idea to help prevent deterioration and breakage of fabric and metal objects that may be affected by moisture.


Boats are especially vulnerable to the effects of excess moisture. High levels of humidity on motorboats can cause damage to mats, oxidation of metal objects and damage to wood parts. All these problems are multiplied when the boat is left tied up for a while. However, most of the damage caused by moisture inside a boat can be prevented. For long periods of non-use Aire Pur® Involcable is the perfect solution because absorbs moisture regulating its level and thanks to its patented spill-proof design prevents accidental tipping on the boat.

During navigation is highly recommended using Aire Pur® Percha as its hook hanging design swings along with vehicle movement preventing liquid from spilling. Using Aire Pur® is a good idea to help prevent deterioration of broken wood, fabrics and metal objects that may be affected by moisture.