Industrias Iberia S.A.I.C. have been manufacturing and marketing household products over 50 years. Since its founding in 1948 we have been well known for our leader vocation forged from the development and launching of high quality products with original designs, sold nationwide in Latin America and Europe. The company owns a 10,000m2 manufacturing plant located in Buenos Aires. Equipped with the latest technology to meet the highest standards of production in order to fulfill the needs of increasingly demanding markets.
We are one of the first companies to commercialize solutions for moisture problems with calcium chloride based products, and we do so under Aire PurĀ® trade mark. Simple and effective products that help thousands of households to effectively combat the problems caused by excess moisture and condensation. All these years are a valuable experience that allows us, through constant innovation and commitment to the development of new products, being pioneers in creating quality solutions and value for the customer.

Aire PurĀ® brand also has incorporated air freshener line products over the years to complete the range of household products.
We continue growing and getting better as we do from day one, allways considering your home and people health. That is why we develop safe and healthy products for the whole family. Satisfaction of our customers is our first goal, and there is where we put all our efforts every day.