Aire Pur® Compact Moisture Absorber Refill 500g. Fresh Linen (spaces up to 50m3)


Aire Pur® Moisture Absorber Refill 500g works by absorbing excess moisture from the air and dripping it in liquid form into the lower container of the unit. *This new technology in tablet shape allows immediate activation helping to reduce problems arising from humidity in spaces up to 50m3: rooms, living rooms, kitchens, etc. ALSO FRESHENS THE AIR WITH GREAT FRAGRANCE. Lasts up to 3 months according to climatic conditions and relative humidity of the environment. ATTENTION: Always use the tablet inside Aire Pur® refillable devices. When liquid reaches the maximum level indicated on the container or the tablet has become water, dump the contents, wash the plastic container with soap and water and reuse it with a new refill.

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